Herpes – A Contagious Sickness

There are numbers of virus linked diseases do exist which can influence any person at any age especially if it comes to herpes infection. This infection can influence both man and woman at any stage of their life. If we talk about the genital herpes women are at the greater risk of developing this infection than man. Genital herpes is a sexually transmitted infection that generally influences a person by having sex. Genital herpes is usually caused by the herpes simplex virus 2 whereas herpes simplex virus 1 leads to the emergence of oral herpes. However, herpes simplex virus 1 can also cause genital herpes and herpes simplex virus 2 can cause oral form of herpes infection.

Signs And Symptoms Of Herpes In Women

Here we are going to converse about the major signs and symptoms that a woman can get during the outbreaks of herpes infection. Most often herpes infection doesn’t lead to form any sorts of signs and symptoms as they this infection generally remains benign. However, sometimes herpes virus becomes active which leads to the development of outbreaks. There is no difference between developing the signs and symptoms by man and developing the signs and symptoms by woman though. When a woman develops the signs and symptoms of herpes infection they face either mild indications or severe indications. If the woman is going through the oral form of herpes they generally evolve the traits around the area of mouth such as lips, cheek, tongue, mouth and in or around your eyes. When a woman gets oral herpes on their eyes this condition is generally called ocular herpes infection. The very first symptoms that a woman can develop before the occurrence of herpes outbreaks are burning, tingling and itching sensation on the lips or around the affected area.


Cold Sores In Women

Often first episode of herpes remains severe as they generally don’t easily heal. Woman suffering from herpes infection may receive tiny fluid filled blisters around the affected area such as lips. These blisters could be itchy and generally take 10 to 14 days to completely heal. Lesion around the affected area can be also a major trait of herpes infection. Cold sores are one of the major signs and symptoms of herpes infection that generally occur when a patient receives outbreaks of herpes infection. The patient may also evolve herpes indications such as inflamed lymph nodes and pain during urination during the outbreaks of herpes infection. The woman who is suffering from herpes infection may develop indications around the area of genital parts such as vagina,

woman-genital-herpesurethra, pubis, anus, clitoris, buttock and sometime thigh. A woman may get symptoms like flu such as muscles ache, head ache and fever. Genital herpes may also lead to the evolvement of itching, burning and tingling around the genital parts. Lesion may also lead to the inflammation around the affected area and reddish spots may appear as a result of this infection. Here you may also get reddish painful blisters in the vagina, urethra or in the pubis.

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Experiencing the herpes blisters on any part of the body is really embarrassing as well as painful. People try to get rid of these symptoms as soon as possible.

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