If you think critically, the drug resistance developing for acyclovir and other such antiviral drugs is kind of lucky for herpes patients. Surprised? Yes, we know antiviral was only what was helping you out, but were they really helping? We know that antiviral drugs is all you have, but isn’t it the case that it is the only solution you want to see. The world is full of alternative medicines that actually work, but who cares when you have those instantly acting antiviral drugs, right? People who value their health do care. Yes, they do care about what is going inside their body and what is beneficial for them. For this class of herpes patient, the drug resistances developing over time beneficial as they now have a set of wonderful herbs that are backed by science. This drug resistance and several adverse impacts of antiviral drugs on human health have driven medicinal science to explore more about the herbs. And once the research in herbs ignited, the wonder properties are giving fuel to the flame. As a result we can see extensive research carried out in herbal medicine. Particularly for herbs for herpes, it is even more intensified because there is no cure for herpes. Over and above this, the harmful temporary treatment people were using is becoming ineffective over time.What-Is-HSV-1_article_main

For these many reasons, scientists are testing each and every herb for action against herpes simplex virus. Recently, there were many fascinating reports on the magical action of houttuynia cordata for herpes cure. So, today we will inspect this herb for its action against herpes simplex type 1 as well as herpes simplex type 2. We will see what were the traditional used of the herb and also what science has to say about the use of houttuynia cordata for herpes.

Houttuynia cordata is a perennial herbaceous plant that grows in the wild in moist and shady locations in Asian countries, including China, Japan and India. It was believed that the herb had antiviral, antibacterial, immunostimulant and other anti-inflammatory effects. However, till the last decade, there were no scientific proofs for these beliefs. May be a search for an antiviral agent in herbs for herpes has led to the disclosure all the medicinal abilities of the herb. Whatever is the reason, we thankfully have something that can once again give life to our immune system. Not only herpes patients can gain a lot from houttuynia cordata for herpes, but every human being can use it in some way of the other to improve health and stay safe from a class of chronic diseases. Because we know many herbs are claimed to have such properties over the internet and it is difficult to choose the right herbs for herpes, here are some scientific evidences testing the houttuynia cordata for herpes and for other medicinal abilities.file_42

 “Anti-inflammatory functions of Houttuynia cordata Thunb. and its compounds: A perspective on its potential role in rheumatoid arthritis” published in Experimental and Therapeutic Medicine talks about the action of houttuynia cordata in rheumatoid arthritis. Although this doesn’t have a direct relation with herpes, immunity surely has. Problems with the immune system are the reasons behind both- frequent herpes outbreaks and rheumatoid arthritis. So, from here we see that is something is effective in rheumatoid arthritis, it surely has the power to deal with herpe too. Apart from this, “A current update on the phytopharmacological aspects of Houttuynia cordata Thunb” published in Pharmacognosy Review stated some of the prominent and useful medicinal properties of the herb. This surely mentioned the role of houttuynia cordata for herpes cure.

Apart from these general proofs and tests conducted on houttuynia cordata, we also have experiments proving the effectiveness of houttuynia cordata for herpes in particular. “Houttuynia cordata Targets the Beginning Stage of Herpes Simplex Virus Infection” Published in PLos One, a leading medicinal journal and “Anti- Herpes Simplex Virus Activity of Bidens pilosa and Houttuynia cordata” Published in The American Journal of Chinese Medicine are two such examples where the role of houttuynia cordata for herpes cure is discussed in detail. Those who think houttuynia cordata is capable of dealing with only herpes simplex type 1 should read the later article. The scientists here clearly state that houttuynia cordata is useful medicinal plant against infection of HSV-2. So, you can have a shield for both- oral as well as genital herpes. To summarize all the research finding without wasting time, let us see what majority of articles have clearly proved about houttuynia cordata for herpes

  • The anti microbial activities have been mentioned in several research papers. Scientists have repeated the fact a again and again with different experiments. Hence it has almost become a fact that houttuynia cordata for herpes carry powerful anti microbial properties.
  • Anti microbial activities of houttuynia cordata are widely accepted, but its action against viruses was not well defined. However, this is one of the most crucial abilities of the herbs for which houttuynia cordata for herpes cure works. There were some speculations about its effectiveness in genital herpes as there were claims about oral herpes only. Several sources later on tested the herb on herpes simplex type 2 as well and the results were equally good. So, you can expect a strong antiviral action in both- oral as well as genital herpes.
  • houttuynia cordata for herpes is recommended by many herbalists all around the world because this herb has an anti viral action as well as immune modulatory capabilities. On one hand it makes the herpes simplex virus weak and on other hand it makes your internal disease fighting capability stronger. And by working in both the directions, it leaves no way for herpes outbreaks to hit you.
  • The Anti inflammatory action that houttuynia cordata for herpes naturally introduces reduces pain due to cold sores, and help your skin heal faster. Cold sores are a major challenge that every herpes patient has to face. But, if treated on time with the help of houttuynia cordata for herpes, they will create minimal trouble. Of course after using houttuynia cordata for herpes regularly, you are not going to see those ugly spots anywhere on your body, but initially it will take time for the herb to act.

The herb also has potent Anti cancer properties and scientists are exploring its action in many other deadly diseases. But, what matters the most to herpes patients is the effectiveness of houttuynia cordata for herpes. This is what every herpes patient desperately wants. Yes, herpes is not a life threatening disease, but it leaves no peace on your mind and heart. It destroys your relationships, career as well as health. What else is actually left when you don’t have any of these? Practically speaking, nothing else in the world matters in front of these three. So, we can say herpes is nothing less than life threatening. Being a herpes patient, you may not find it difficult to digest this fact. But for others too it is required to understand the pain of the infected people. Both- the one carrying the virus and all others should take it as only an infection. Only then the world will change for better. Only then herpes patients will not have to hide their infections from others. Only then they would live in the world with the same confidence.

And to achieve this, herbs for herpes are great help. They calm down the mind of herpes patients and also help in all the physical symptoms. In addition to this, some herbs like houttuynia cordata for herpes work magically by using their unbelievable antiviral action. Yes it is the ear of herbal medicine and herbs for herpes have so many hopes attached to them. But, one thing we are sure about while recommending herbs for herpes is that- they will not disappoint you. All they would do is enhancement of health, improvement of immune system and making a healthier version of you with every passing day. Isn’t that motivating enough to start using herbs for herpes and for any other problem? Yes, it definitely is luring enough and this is why the world is moving towards herbs for a better health.

You can easily and naturally avoid the painful herpes outbreaks and also live a stress free life with the use of houttuynia cordata for herpes. Go ahead and get your houttuynia cordata for herpes and many other herbs available to make your future healthy and better.

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