Herpes And Types Of Herpes

The infection that generally caused by the herpes virus can be stated as a herpes infection. There are two forms of herpes infection generally affect people these are oral herpes & genital herpes. Herpes simplex virus 1 generally forms oral herpes that generally influences your oral parts whereas herpes simplex virus 2 forms genital form of herpes that affects your genital parts. Both types of virus are extremely contagious that can be easily spread from one person to another person. A person can get this virus in their body even if the patient has no visible traits.

Some Important Facts About Herpes

A study conducted by an organization stated that nearly more than half of the world population is going through the herpes infection & most of them are suffering from oral form of herpes. Both man & woman are at the similar risk of getting the infection. There are numbers of reasons that can lead to the transmission of herpes virus from one person to another person. The worst aspect of herpes infection is that once the virus manages to enter in your body the virus evolves enough strength to stay inactive in your cell membrane. This simply means once you get affected from this virus you will have to live rest of your life with this virus. There is no ways have been discovered yet that can help you to eliminate the herpes virus for good. Herpes virus generally doesn’t produce any indications but in few cases it may lead to the presence of numbers of indications. These indications could be severe enough to negatively influence your day to day life or it could be very mild as generally remain unnoticed. If you have no visible traits but you are susceptible to herpes infection then you should go for the herpes detection test. There are many tests available that can be used to diagnose herpes infection however, certain kinds of tests are not fully reliable as they may show false result.

herpes check up

Polymer chain reaction blood test (PCR Test):

The test could be considered as a best test available that can be used for the diagnosis of herpes virus. The test can detect any kinds of herpes virus such as herpes simplex virus 1 & herpes simplex virus 2. This test generally performs when the patients have no even single sign & symptom of herpes. It generally assist to detect the DNA of herpes virus that’s why the test is commonly treated as safe & accurate. This test mostly shows accurate information that whether any one has herpes infection or not.

Herpes viral culture test:

In this kind of test doctor generally takes the sample of your cells or fluids from the affected are. Although, the test isn’t trustworthy because the test can present inaccurate result. Though, this does not mean that the test never seeks the correct existence of the herpes virus. Few times it is helpful but with terms & conditions.

herpes viral testHerpes viral antigen detection test:

Herpes viral detection test could be a great replacement for PCR test. The reason being in many areas it’s extremely hard to explore PCR test. For diagnosing the herpes virus in wound the responsiveness of antigen detection must be same or greater than culture. The test discovers the antigens on the surface of cell which might have infected with herpes virus. This test can also be a big alternative for viral culture test.

Antibody test: 

Antibody test is a type of blood test that mainly performs for diagnose of both forms of herpes like oral form of herpes & genital herpes. This blood test assists detecting the antibodies which are formed through our immunity to deal from herpes virus. Though, viral culture test could be performed but it’s not reliable because viral culture is not good at finding the accurate outcome. Though, few forms of blood tests can tell you the difference between oral herpes & genital herpes.

So above are the major tests have mentioned that can be performed for detecting herpes virus. However, this doesn’t mean that only these tests detect herpes infection. The patient who has visible traits can easily detect that they have herpes infection. They don’t have to go for any kind of tests for detecting the herpes virus.

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