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Genital Herpes – A Real Matter of Concern

Genital herpes- these two words are a matter of fun until you get infected with the same, and suddenly they are the most horrible words once you know that you have genital herpes. Genital herpes is the worst nightmare that you not only want to avoid until you get the disease, but you are not ready to accept it even after being diagnosed with the herpes simplex virus.

Probably you know that genital herpes is spreading at an alarming rate, but you might not have what is casing it spread so quickly. You might be aware of the symptoms of genital herpes if you have it, but you are less likely to be aware of the treatment methods other than antivirals. It is obvious that if you have genital herpes for quite a long time now, you are familiar to the effects of antiviral therapy during outbreak, but only a few of you know something about the side effects of antivirals used in genital herpes. So, we can say that you are shown only one side of the coin. Regarding no aspect of genital herpes you have complete knowledge. This incomplete knowledge is making the already harmful herpes simplex virus even more dangerous. It should be one of the two cases- either you know everything or you know nothing.

Complete Information About Genital Herpes

If you know something about genital herpes, it is time to complete your database before you hurt yourself badly, not due to lack of information but due to incomplete information. All of you take antivirals and are happy about it. Anyone would be happy because antiviral therapy is a great tool to deal with the genital herpes outbreaks, right? What can be better than the dose of antiviral during genital herpes which can take all your pain away and relieve you from those irritating symptoms of herpes?

genital herpesThis is not the actual scene and the state of well being during genital herpes outbreak is just an illusion created by the antiviral. If you do not know anything about the other treatment options, that doesn’t mean nothing better than antivirals exist.  If you are not aware of the possible and probable side effects of antivirals that also don’t mean that there are no side effects of antivirals. There are many other treatment options for genital herpes patients and there are more than many side effects of antiviral therapy that every genital herpes patient must be completely aware about. Let us see what are the different ways by which we can treat genital herpes and also make yourself aware of the effects and side effects of each treatment method.

antivirals for herpes


This one is the most preferred method of treating genital herpes and has become as ubiquitous as genital herpes. Any doctor you visit on any corner of the world would prescribe the same set of antivirals for any herpes patient. Since the primary infection- when the infected individual does not have any antibodies against genital herpes in his body, is the severe one and lasts for about 15 to 20 days, a genital herpes patient is bound to take medical help. If you are given antiviral therapy only when you suffer from genital herpes outbreak, it is called episodic treatment. You will have to take pills only during genital herpes outbreaks. There is another form of treatment called suppressive therapy. In this as soon as you are diagnosed with genital herpes, your treatment starts and will continue the same way for the rest of your life.

Just like the herpes simplex virus lives in your body for the rest of your life, the antivirals also accompany you till you die. This treatment therapy is prescribed in two situations. First one is when you have genital herpes outbreaks very frequently and all of them are of unbearable intensity. In this situation the doctor suggests you to go for suppressive therapy. The other one is out of your own choice, when you really do not want to see the occasional outbreaks on your body, you go for suppressive therapy for genital herpes. These were the two common types of antiviral treatments given to all genital herpes patients. One important thing to note here is that using suppressive therapy also does not guarantee that you will not suffer from outbreaks. With this treatment option also we can only minimize the frequency but cannot bring it to zero.

antiviral medication for herpesAll of you know what antivirals can do for you, but just to remind you of their capabilities once again, let us see the benefits of using antivirals. Antivirals can suppress the symptoms of genital herpes temporarily. You will not feel the pain, itching, burning sensation, fever headache etc until you are on antivirals. For dealing with symptoms you may have to use a combination of oral and topical treatment rather than confining yourself to single method because the symptoms are internal as well as external. With the right combination you will get instant relief from the symptoms of genital herpes and you will also be able to reduce the duration of outbreaks.

This was one side of coin that almost every herpes patient has seen, but where is the unseen side? Today you will see the hidden part of the coin, and this part will definitely shock you for some time. The antiviral you trust and cherish eating during every outbreak are more harmful than useful. Anxiety, lack of confidence, depressions, and stress are some of bad sides that every herpes patient on antiviral goes through. You already are going through a very difficult phase, and antivirals make things even worse. You might find it difficult to feel energetic and healthy for several days during a breakout.

In addition to this, you may feel nauseous all the time if you are on antivirals. Regular use of antivirals will make you dizzy, lazy, disoriented and sick. These were temporary side effects and the least known yet most dangerous is the permanent side effect of the antiviral therapy. The permanent health damage is to the kidney. Valtrex, Acyclovir and other antivirals may also affect your kidney, the most important organ of your body. Read more to know about why you should never use antivirals for herpes cure.

The other side was too bad to imagine but it is the most important to know. Next time you think of using a pill, make sure you asses your present health state and see whether it is better than the side effects or not. If you are sure that you cannot go on without antiviral and there is no other alternative also, only then go for it.




Natural treatments for genital herpes are least known, just like the side effects of antivirals. The benefits of natural treatments for genital herpes are as much important for you to know as the side effects of the antiviral treatments were. Let us see some very effective natural treatments for genital herpes that you can use anytime as a replacement of antiviral therapy. All of these natural methods of treating genital herpes are described along with their effects as well as side effects.

Lemon balm

lemon balm for herpesThis natural product has been used for almost 2000 years now for medicinal purposes. With time it has become an important ingredient of many antibiotic medicines. It was used for healing purposes, but recently the natural product has gained popularity for its use in treating genital herpes. The major components of lemon balm like flavonoids, phenolic acid, and rosmarinic acid makes it a perfect cure for herpes as these are very effective in healing sores and other sin infections fast. You can either make lemon balm tea by boiling the powder in two cups of water for about 15 minutes or directly use lemon balm tincture. You do not need another topical treatment for healing the symptoms appearing on the skin separately. The same extract or tea made up of lemon balm powder can be used as topical treatment too. Drinking lemon balm tea can disable the virus multiplication internally, while applying the same on the cold sores will make you skin normal once again. Although lemon balm is best when used in natural form, if you are unable to arrange it anyhow you can also use the ointments made up of lemon balm for topical application.

Manuka honey

honey for herpesAll of you might have used honey for some reason or the other, but have you heard of manuka honey? If you are a herpes patient then before knowing anything about antivirals you must be aware of manuka honey. This is a special type of honey found in New Zealand. In addition to all the health benefits of normal honey, manuka honey also contains other health benefits. Especially for genital herpes patients, manuka honey is like a one stop solution to all their problems. Genital herpes patients can consume manuka honey either during herpes outbreak or regularly. Consuming antivirals daily is a bad idea, actual a very bad idea. But use of manuka honey is a healthy habit because excess of honey will have advantages for your body and there will be no side effects.

Manuka honey is a tasty alternative that has all the ingredients and capabilities for replacing the suppressive therapy as daily consumption of manuka honey will decrease the frequency of genital herpes outbreaks. You can have manuka honey daily before going to bed with a cup of milk, or you can add it as sweetener in your cup of tea every time you drink tea. This will not only increase your immunity but will also save you from infections like common cold, fever and last but not the least; it will minimize the occurrence of genital herpes outbreak. Do you find it a better way treat genital herpes outbreak? I am sure if you love your health, you will definitely love this also.

Aloe vera

aloe vera for herpesThe all time favorite universal treatment for all the skin problems and internal health issues as well is aloe vera. Genital herpes also is no exception and aloe vera can be your companion in fighting with all the symptoms of genital herpes, be it external or internal. Apply the gel extracted from fresh aloe vera leaf on the cold sores several times a day to heal them faster. Drinking aloe vera juice is helpful in treating genital herpes and also any other health ailment. Aloe vera gel is such a magical product that it can heal almost any type of damage due to any infection. You should drink this as health enhancer even when you do not have genital herpes or any other health ailment. Start drinking aloe vera juice after diluting with water as first thing in the morning and you will see the unbelievable but amazing change in your body. Everything will become regular and powerful, be it the digestive system or immunity.

Coconut oil

coconut oil for herpesLet’s now discuss about coconut oil and herpes. You cannot get better oil for your hair and skin than coconut oil. Coconut oil is the best possible oil on this planet for your skin, scalp, hair and everything else. In treating herpes also coconut oil proves to be very effective. Many of you might have heard about applying coconut oil on your skin to fight dryness and on your scalp to fight dandruff. But only a few of you are aware about the use of coconut oil in genital herpes. Those who know cannot live without it, and the rest are still using antiviral therapies and harming their bodies with side effects. You can start using coconut oil by today as it does not require any preparation time etc. Take coconut oil and apply it on the skin affected by cold sores to make the sores and blisters heal faster. You can also add coconut oil to your diet in small amounts to let the oil heal internal damage done by the virus.

Tea tree oil

tea tree oil for herpesTea tree oil has been used since ages because it carries amazing medicinal properties. The medicinal properties can not only heal all other types of skin infections, but they can also give the genital herpes a tough fight. Whether it is genital herpes or oral herpes, antivirals comes into action when the virus has done much of its work. But tea tree oil works at the initial stage itself and makes it impossible for the herpes virus to replicate. Also any other topical ointment treats the healthy cells and infected cells as the same. Because of this reason antivirals end up harming healthy cells also. To avoid this you can use tea tree oil. With proper hygiene and all other precautionary measures apply tea tree oil twice everyday to heal the cold sores.

Herbal tea

tea bags for herpesNormal tea bags can be placed on the cold sores to pacify the skin and reduce itching, swelling and redness. Drinking a cup of ordinary tea won’t make much difference in your infection state but you can prepare some healthy herbal teas at home to help you in fighting with cold sores. Several herbs have anti herpes simplex properties and by drinking the tea made up of these herbs you can fight the infection. For genital herpes you can use Echinacea. Any part of this plat can be used for medicinal purposes. Look for the root of Echinacea or the flowers and dried leaves of the herb. Boil them in a cup of water for a few minutes and drink the mixture once it cools down. Apart from Echinacea, genital herpes patients can also use licorice root’s powder. You can prepare the tea of this herb using the same method and drink it twice if you currently have genital herpes outbreak. If you want to use them as a suppressive natural therapy, you can drink a cup of herbal tea daily. This will decrease the chances of outbreak in future, that too without any side effects.


There are many remedial measures that you can try at home to help yourself with the treatment of genital herpes. First one is to maintain cleanliness and take care of the hygienic conditions of your sin as well as surroundings. Keep the cold sores dry so that they leave you early. Apart from this soaking yourself in a tub filled with warm water for 10 minutes gives you ultimate relief. By taking proper remedial measures you can enhance the effectiveness of the treatment method for genital herpes. Do anything to make yourself happy and try not to take stress of anything and stress trigger genital herpes outbreaks. Apart from this have meal on time and watch out for healthy diet. This minor lifestyle changes will reflect as a huge positive impact on the cycle of genital herpes outbreaks.

natural herpes cureThese genital herpes treatment methods are worth spending time on in case you really want to take care of your health. Any health oriented person, whether he is a herpes patient or an uninfected individual, will think twice before eating anything. No matter who prescribes or suggests you to eat antiviral, if you really value a healthy body, you must make efforts in knowing about the details of the item. These efforts from your side make a significant difference and you can bring a major change in your life.

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These things become more important for a herpes patient, not because you are no more a normal human bring, but because there will be times when you will have to choose a treatment method for the same genital herpes outbreak. During these times you have to take help of some form of treatment methods discussed above. It is better for you to analyze all the advantages and disadvantages before picking up the treatment method because it is a permanent infection. For all other temporary infection even if you go with the doctor’s prescription and blindly choose antiviral or antibiotic therapy, it will not harm you much because you will have to use that particular treatment method once in your lifetime. But with genital herpes, the frequency of genital herpes outbreaks will determine how many times you will have to take the help of a treatment method. And the side effects induced in your body also will be as many times you use that particular treatment method.

Some genital herpes patients happily spend the rest of their lives taking a pill everyday even when they don’t have outbreaks. This is called suppressive therapy in which you minimize the chances of suffering from an outbreak and your doctor is perfectly alright with it. But do you think your body also is okay with this idea? Have you ever though about analyzing your overall health before and after you started the suppressive therapy? Often we blame the herpes simplex virus for everything that goes wrong with our health, but genital herpes has limited effects on our health and all of then are temporary. These symptoms bother you only during the genital herpes outbreak and after the outbreak you can live a perfectly normal life. Then what is wrong with our deteriorating health? Only you can identify the cause of this deterioration but for those living on suppressive therapy we can give some idea. If you suffer from any permanent health hazard after starting of your therapy for avoiding genital herpes outbreaks, look at the treatment method.

We all know that genital herpes virus is not so innocent, but it also does not have the capability of being the real culprit behind ruining your overall health permanently. The method you choose for treating those mild symptoms of genital herpes can prove to be hazardous for your long term health. If you see some significant changes in your body, make sure you find the reason behind the situation and work towards eliminating that reason. Because health must be your first priority, and those you do not find time for their body will have to find time for illness.

Now you understand that genital herpes doesn’t make you an abnormal human being, but if you go with the wrong or harmful treatment for genital herpes, you may become an unhealthy individual for the rest of your life.

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